Monday, 19 December 2011


                                                                        Assalamualaikum ..
                                                                              PEACE :)))

This is river Brisbane .. awesome ! <3

Wow ! that's beautiful view .. isn't right ?? ((:

haa ! .. this is centre river Brisbane ..
you can saw so beautiful the view .. awesome ! ehehe

This is that place where i'm going to parkland ..
its many nice place went to go .. :P

the basically i want to share you guys my story mory about we are ramble to BRISBANE CITY .. (: i'm so grateful of Allah bcause Him was giving myself to come here .. you know what i'm first visit here and i dont know what to said "what a wonderful invention of Him" .. i'm so glad all about that .. all praise to Allah .. if you want to my replace surely they are so surprising to how really wonderful around the world .. hehe .. BRISBANE CITY had the wonderful river ..i see how many tourism been visiting there .. it's amazing the place .. ehehe .. i hope you all understand what i mean of this blogger .. tq guys visit my blogger .. i love u very more la .. woot woot ! (((:

haha .. ini gmbr bgunan ke shopping mall woolworths :)

                                                         ini lah bangunan menara jam brisbane ;))

                                                      lepas bru  lalu ke supermarket brisbane (:           

ini bangunan brisbane town <:

haha .. tgk tu org putih uhh da penat berjalan bole santai tepi bangunan majistret ..
 tau x aku p sni cuaca sgt panas .. ehehe

This is the Merry Christmas tree ! awesome ! :D

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